My name is Jernej, pronounced Yerney in English.
Because Jernej in Slovenian is Bartholomew in English I made it easier for you. Bart.

My surname is Žakelj.
If you are a native English speaker you will be the closest to the right pronunciation by saying, Jackal.

I am a tour guide, a professional driver with also a bus driving license and a licensed transportation manager.
I also play tuba.

All my tours are loops.
In this way, we see more of the country by not repeating the same routes.
Below you can see the first realization of Loopy idea four years ago.

The main idea was to provide the loops around the West and East half of Slovenia.
West Loop, now a multi-day journey, includes Bled lake, Postojna cave, Predjama Castle and Brda wine region.
East Loop includes Maribor, Ptuj, and Rogatec.
Both with perpetual daily departures from Ljubljana and the possibility to hop off in some destination for a day or more.

Gradually, due to circumstances, conditions and requests Loopy has been evolving to multi-day journeys and day trips, customized for a maximum of 8 people.
Sure, always including countryside, lesser-known places and alternative local roads with pickups and drop-offs all around Slovenia.

When I and my friend were discussing the name and I told him about doing the travel loops around Slovenia, he suddenly came out with a brilliant idea.
Loopy Slovenia.

I looked at him for a few moments, looked to the sky, asked for and got the confirmation also from the Universe.
A new project was born.
I had a look at the dictionary much later and any change would be swimming against the river flow.

All in all, we get the tours around Slovenia with the guy, who’s name is a name of a saint and the surname pronounced as a species of a wild animal.