If we look back Slovenians were always connected with the land.
They were a quite small community in comparison with other, dominating communities.
As I mentioned in the previous blog, Slovenians realized that it is better to settle and cultivate even the most remote and inaccessible areas of this generous land than to fight.
And try to agree with the guys around.
Farming diplomacy, I call it.
This was the only way to survive, so they tried.

At such a crossroad where we live, we built an identity of rather being sure than risk.
Our ancestors didn't have much contact with business rules, but they had the power and sense to make, produce.

Slovenians are reliable people.
Products of Slovenia are, by tradition, top quality.
In Slovenia, you won't be losing time with bargaining. You will dedicate that time to explore the country rather.

In the shops, all the products are labeled with the prices and you can be sure about a fair deal.
But don't be surprised or shocked to see a young chick on the sale desk, deeply contemplated in her virtual world of wonders while you will struggle with the product.
When you will ask about something, you will get an absent look and answer in pain: here is the price, here are the details about it. I'm just a student, sorry.

Marketing and the will to sell is sometimes a Spanish village for us.
This means we know about marketing as we know about a random village in Spain. Not much if we don't work hard on it. It's not part of the culture as in some other countries.

Why it's like that?
When the others were doing the business, we were producing what they were doing the business with.
And this is why business in Slovenia is less important than what grows in the fields.
People in Slovenia treated the land, the land treated them back. Cooperation that no one can stop.

Nature has its circles not depending on people's goals.
Fruits and vegetables grow their way and animals reproduce their way too.
Well, people are supposed to live this way too, but often we can catch ourselves in everyday battles to get even further, to achieve more, to see the must-see and to live the must-live.

Loopy is trying to go with the flow. With the natural scheme, which does not ask us what we think.
It's just important what we feel.

Seven statements, pillars of Loopy business, which derive from the pure inner flow:
- mutual respect
- fair play
- traveling by fully absorbing the characteristics, traditions, and customs of the destination
- choosing the places by the positive vibe
- no hidden agendas of taking advantage
- no fights for money; clear this out before the travel experience and then just enjoy
- you get what you give