If you had a closer look at my day trip options, you would not find any of the 'must-see' destinations in them.
I consider them worthy to include them in a deeper experience.
This is why you can find them on a list of multi-day journeys.

Slovenia, as already mentioned, is one of the most diverse countries in the world from many aspects.
This is why in my opinion it does not have just five top spots, but as many top spots as there are tastes and ideas.
Well, except for big shopping malls. And yet for real shopping lovers, there is BTC Shopping Mall in the capital, Ljubljana.

Our green oasis in the middle of Europe is a destination for those who know what they came for.
Usually, this is not just to take a selfie and go.
I mean you can, but you do a 'bear-favor' to you as we say for not good decisions that bring more damage than benefit at the end.

Slovenia is a great destination for people who like the karst underground world with caves, unspoiled nature above ground, clean and safe environment, small villages and hamlets scattered around the countryside, interesting village architecture, nice wines, gastronomic fusions and relax, adrenaline sports on the rivers,
The quality of services, accommodation, and food is at a high level. The infrastructure, in general, is very good.
You can drink tap water everywhere. In many cases, it is even higher quality than the bottled one.
I would say in general people strive for the top. Sure, there's the way to there, step by step and we are a young country... :)

One of the very few services we should improve soon is public transport, which is quite poor in Slovenia.
From a certain point of view, this is explainable by already mentioned demography.
Almost innumerable places all around, settled by people of all ages, used to commute with cars.

On the other side, especially for a bit more curious visitors, there are no many options.

Until they come across with Loopy.

Day-trips are carefully created in a way you see the most of a certain part of Slovenia in a day.
Because most of the providers offer the same type of up-to-one-day trips, Loopy doesn't do that. No 'kremshnitte' in Bled and visit of Postojna Cave in half-day, sorry.
(At this point I have to mention that this philosophy was a reason I was called 'business suicider' by my bro, the Loopy website creator. But, on the other side also why he said 'yes'. And we are here now.)

An excellent option on multi-day journeys for you is the possibility to extend them in a way you have days at leisure in between.

This is possible because Loopy is a person, who is focused just on you when on tour. Who you are communicating from the very begging to the farewell until next adventure.

I can't arrange good weather, but I can arrange a good time.
Let me make you remember Slovenia in the best possible way.
Away from crowds.