People all around the world love holidays.

In the past, on the base of common agreement, they decided to consider certain days a holiday for everyone.
Either related to beliefs, or something special that occurred in their lives.

Those days are the days of laugh and love.
Perfect days to integrate into your Slovenia holidays.
You can attend many celebrations, parties, processions, festivals, passions, barbecues, cow balls, donkey races, wine blessings, sports events, theatre shows, concerts, and meet merry people all around.

National holidays in Slovenia in 2020:

- 01 January
'New Year's Day'
What gives you strength after the night of joy?
In Slovenia is quite common to have a nice warm Sarma dish.

- 02 January
'New Year Holiday'
Even we don't know why this day is a national holiday, but why not.

- 08 February
'Prešeren Day'
The national culture day of Slovenian immortal hero, France Prešeren.
He was a poet, not a statesman. Well, a statesman of Love could be.
He was the first to bring the Slovenian language to the level of excellent art.
Part of his 'A Toast' is the text of our national anthem.
He was cheering love, peace, and harmony.
He is so important, that Slovenians are the only ones in the world who celebrate a culture day as a non-working day.

- 12 April (in 2020)
'Easter Sunday'
I was always waiting for this Sunday with big expectations. I could eat as much as I could.
And always I gave the most beautiful painted egg to the girl that helped me the most with maths.

-13 April (in 2020)
'Easter Monday'
The outdoor processions all around the country.

- 27 April
'Day of Uprising Against Occupation'
On this day, in 1941, the Antiimperialistic Front, later renamed to Liberation Army, was formed in Ljubljana.
This was the beginning of the anti-Nazi movement in Slovenia.

- 01 May
'Workers' Day'
The night of bonfires, that have origins in pagan tradition.
In medieval times they burned the bonfires on the top of the hills as an alert of enemy invasions.

From the early morning, the local brass bands play 'Budnice' - wake up marches around the villages.

Mass barbecue day. The hangover can't be cured in one day.

- 02 May
'Workers' Day Holiday'
See 01 May.

- 31 May (in 2020)
After all the goods, consumed in fifty days since Easter Sunday, it's time to welcome the Holy Spirit into ourselves.

- 25 June
'Statehood Day'
On this day in 1991, independent Slovenia was formed.
A thousand-year dream became true. We lived the moments, dreamed of all our ancestors and stepped on the road of an independent future.
Check how Slovenia changed in the last nearly 30 years, in a report by the Statistical Bureau of Slovenia.

- 15 August
'Assumption of Mary'
St Mary had enough.

- 31 October
'Reformation Day'
The day back in 1517, when Martin Luther decided to reform the Church.
We owe this national day to Protestantism.
The father of the Slovenian nation, Primož Trubar, was a protestant priest.
He was the first to name Slovenians with this name in a written document.
Primož Trubar wrote first books in Slovenian language, the Alphabet and Catechism.

- 01 November
'Remembrance Day'
Remembering the ones we are here because of.

- 25 December
'Christmas Day'
The day when Jesus Christ was born.
And the beginning of the end of the shopping mania.

- 26 December
'Independence and Unity Day'
On this day back in 1990, the referendum results showed that nearly 90% of Slovenians voted for independence from the former Yugoslavia.

Observances in Slovenia:

- 17 August
'Slovenians in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation Day'
The region of Prekmurje, northeast, was joined to the Kingdom of Serbians, Croatians, and Slovenians in 1919.

- 15 September
'Restoration of Primorska to the Motherland Day'
The day when the coastal part of Slovenia was joined to Yugoslavia in 1947.

- 25 October
'Sovereignty Day'
The day back in 1991, when the last soldier of the Yugoslavian National Army left the newly formed Republic of Slovenia.
With this full sovereignty was taken by Slovenian authorities.

- 23 November
'Rudolf Maister Day'
The day, when back in 1918 a Slovenian national hero Rudolf Maister with his fellows disarmed the Germanic Security Forces and made the north and northeast of present-day Slovenia belong to the newly formed Kingdom of Serbians, Croatians, and Slovenians.

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