Brda Wine Region and Vipava Valley

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A wine story of almost disappeared varieties brought back to life and even success with love, passion, learning, and hard work.
Brda Wine Region and Vipava Valley are the two rising stars in the wine world.
Vicinity of the border enables contact with an important global player, Italy.

With another Loopy day trip to the southeast of Slovenia, you will fulfill the wine mosaic of the country.

Loopy tip:
Get ready for a proper wine tasting in Slovenia.

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Program (10 hours)

The region we visit are located towards the border with Italy, so far West.
Thus we may take some improvised detour to see more of this part of Slovenia.

When we arrive in Brda, we stop at Gonjače view tower first.

Šmartno village is the next stop.
The medieval walled village is a cultural monument of national importance.
It impresses with the carefully reconstructed houses and views over the region.

Rebula is the queen of Brda.
All other varieties just complete the mosaic in this specific Mediterranean - Alpine wine world, that has recently been on the front pages of the leading world wine magazines and declared a new wine hotspot of Europe by most respected world wine authorities.
Brda wine region is an excellent example of the development of once demographically endangered regions.

Vipava Valley is just a forty minutes drive away.
The village of Vipavski Križ is a jewel of the valley with its little square and monastery of national importance.
In the past was visited even by Primož Trubar, a protestant priest who wrote the first books in Slovenian language - Alphabet and Catechism, back in the early sixteen century.
Much earlier, in the late fourth century, a crucial battle between the East and West parts of the Roman Empire took place in the area.
We dedicate some time to history and the rural architecture, subdued to Bora wind, the strongest wind in Slovenia.
It can reach over 200 km per hour (about 125 mi per hour).

Pinela, Zelen, Garganja are just some of the varieties that are attracting the attention of leading world trendsetters and wine experts.
These varieties almost disappeared. With a lot of passion, love, and devotion the farmers brought them back into life.

Wine tastings are not included.
I would recommend the wine tastings in both wine districts.
You can decide on the way, or send me an email to choose the right winery for you before the trip.

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    Vipava Valley

    Vipava Valley is a fruit paradise of Slovenia.
    Grape, plums, apricots, pears, apples, and peaches are reportedly the best in Slovenia.
    Well, just don't ask the guys from other regions.

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    Brda Wine Region

    Brda Wine Region is a rising star in the wine world.
    Every year some of the best wines, recognized by leading wine experts and magazines, are coming from this region.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



Thoxa / Tripadvisor, October 2016

My husband and I joined the tour in June.
There were no other guests that day, so we enjoyed a wonderful private tour.
We were taken to both popular and less-traveled places, tasted delicious local produce and wine, and was shown how to fully enjoy a vacation despite unfavorable weather.
Slovenia is splendid, and well deserves more than just a day or two.
Our guide Jernej is friendly, knowledgeable and humorous.
He was eager to make our entire trip in Slovenia, not just the tour we paid for, memorable.
We heartily recommend Loopy Slovenia to anyone who would love to see the true colors of Slovenia.

Adrian / Tripadvisor, November 2018

I had an amazing trip with Jernej.
He is a very knowledgeable guide with vast experience.
HE takes you to both well known as well as to some 'off the beaten paths' places.
He makes the tour very interesting and keeps the guests engaged in every activity throughout the tour.
Great tour, great company.
I definitely recommend it.

Kayla / Tripadvisor, December 2018

We only had a couple of days in Ljubljana part of our honeymoon from Australia.
We chose to take a Loopy tour so that we would see more of the wider Slovenia.
We both highly recommend Loopy Slovenia tours and Jernej.
The tour was fantastic and surpassed our expectations.
We saw so much over the course of the day and JHernej tailored the tour specifically to us, weather and best times to visit.
We were the only ones on the tour so it was perfect.
We had a lovely homemade lunch in a small town, behind a door that looked like someone's home and homemade brandy at another stop. We would have never found these otherwise or met all the wonderful locals along the way that we did.
This tour was a truly unique experience and we had a fantastic time,
If you are looking to see more of Slovenia, contact Loopy Slovenia.