From Triglav National Park to Soča Valley by car train

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Let yourself be amazed by the combination of destinations and transportation solutions on an exhilarating day trip from Triglav National Park to Soča Valley.

Bohinj is an Alpine valley, consisting of several villages and the magnificent lake.
Bohinj Lake, surrounded by the majestic Julian Alps, is the biggest glacial lake in Slovenia and a starting point for many of the hiking and cycling trails up to the mountains.
Bohinj Railway, connecting Bohinj with Soča Valley on the other side of the mountains, was one of the most challenging architectural and construction projects at the beginning of the 20th century due to a rugged relief, unpredictable waters, and landslides.

Most na Soči is a village at the confluence of the two rivers.
It impresses with its location by the lake, in the middle of green forests and majestic mountains.
The destination is much appreciated by families and easy-going visitors.

Tolmin Gorges pleasantly soothes with shade and takes the breath away with the crystal clear water and wonderful narrow passages through the mighty rocks.

Loopy tip:
The Triglav National Park and Soča Valley from another perspective.

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Program (10 hours)

A drive to the Bohinj area is a pleasant introduction to our day trip, where the Triglav National Park and Soča Valley are inventively combined into an eclectic experience.

A stop in the Bohinj area unveils the curtains into the farming life in the Alps.
Traditional farming is still the way of living and surviving in these places, blessed with the availability of natural resources and rich Alpine flora and fauna.
The village of Studor is known for the 'kozolci', the hayracks. The constructions are used to dry the hay and as a shed for the farming tools.
Bohinj Lake is the biggest in Slovenia. It is supplied by the Sava Bohinjska river, which sources as a 78 meters (about 255 feet) Savica Waterfall.

The train ride to the other side of the mountains is simply unique.
It is a step back into history, to the times when tourism entered the sleepy Alpine region.
Bohinj Railway is a monument to almost 15000 workers, who finished the construction after almost 6 years of struggle.
Different bedrock, uneven terrain, landslides, even the earthquakes were the challenges the engineers and architects had to cope with.
They did it.
Several tunnels, over 65 bridges, torrential waters, and untouched forests are encircling our train experience from Triglav National Park to Soča Valley.

In Most na Soči, a pleasant family holiday resort, we disembark our vehicle.
We put together the impressions from the train ride, take some snacks and maybe even a swim in the amazingly green lake.
This relaxing destination offers a wide variety of still water sports.
You can go for a canoe ride on the lake, explore it with a kayak, or take a ride with the electric boat.

Refreshed we get to Tolmin Gorges, the southern edge of Triglav National Park.
We are able to admire various natural and manmade attractions such as Bear's Head, Dante's Cave, spring of the thermal water and Devil's Bridge.
A roughly hour and a half hike is considered semi-difficult.
The vibe in the canyons is contemplative, evoked by steep, blooming slopes and magically blue-green reflection of Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers.
For the admission fee to the Tolmin Gorges click here.
If you are not willing to walk, another option is the town of Tolmin with its relaxing corners down along the Soča and Tolminščica rivers.

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    The region around Lake Bohinj in Slovenia is the main starting point to the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps.

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    Most na Soči

    A popular holiday destination, especially among families.
    A cozy environment with an intense green lake offers plenty of options on how to spend your vacation in an active, healthy way.

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    Tolmin Gorges

    Narrow canyons in the lowest part of the Triglav National Park, located a stone throw from the town of Tolmin.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Parking and train fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



Jen / Tripadvisor, July 2016

We only had a few days and would never have been able to see all the sights we did without this tour.
It was also an incredible value for money.
I booked online from the UK with ease and Jernej - Bart was a fantastic tour guide.
It was just me and a friend and he tailored the tour and information to us.
He is extremely knowledgeable, entertaining, and if we go back to Slovenia we will do another tour with him and Loopy Slovenia.

Adrian / Tripadvisor, November 2018

I had an amazing trip with Jernej.
He is a very knowledgeable guide with vast experience.
He takes you to both well known as well as to some 'off the beaten paths' places.
He makes the tour very interesting and keeps the guests engaged in every activity throughout the tour.
Great tour, great company.
I definitely recommend him.

Remina and Lucy / 'This is Soča Valley' on Viator, January 2020

We had a fantastic time with Jernej.
Although we were only in Slovenia for a few days this is the perfect tour to see some of the spectacular hidden gems of the country.
With his in-depth knowledge and super friendly nature, Jernej was a brilliant tour guide.
We had a chance to visit some incredibly scenic locations and escape the busy crowd by going off the beaten tracks.
He provided us with a personalized tour and took into consideration what we liked to see and he catered it for us.
We had a great time on the tour and 100% recommend it as a must-go excursion.