Soča Valley off the beaten paths

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Have your cameras ready as we will see some fantastic scenery on our day tour to one of the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) - the mighty Soča Valley.

We will drive the scenic roads through the towns down in the valley as well as the curvy local roads, leading up to the dreamy villages and hamlets on the edge of the Triglav National Park.

We will enjoy the tasting of local Soča Valley cheese and other delicacies, meet the locals and dive into their lives in these remote, but fairy parts of Slovenia.

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Program (10 hours)

Across one of the mountain passes, we will enter the Soča Valley.

Green forests on the mountain slopes, blue sky above, the white pebbles at its bottom determine the emerald identity of the Soča River.
The river then determines the identity of the Soča Valley, home to plenty of outdoor activities, water sports, extreme adventures, organic farming, and hospitable people.

We will visit Breginjski Kot, a peculiar system of self-sufficient villages and hamlets up above the town of Kobarid.
The milk and dairy products from this area have traditionally been supplied to the best restaurants in the wider area as the premium organic products.
In the funny folk tales the locals are known as 'tožbarji', the suing people, constantly suing each other for the plots of land.
Seeing the places we could understand why.
It's simply a paradise.
Recommended a tasting of local delicacies in the village of Avsa, optional.

Kobarid soothes with its calm and relaxing vibe.
On the other side, some of the most tragic events of the 20th century occurred in the beautiful environment of the town.
Soča River frontline was one of the toughest battle lines in the war history and made a peaceful, quiet town a hub for this unfortunate event.
The town boasts one of the most important European museums awarded by the European Commission, the Kobarid Museum of World War I.
A huge collection of documents, maps, weapons, uniforms and other objects from that period is silently telling a story as well as warns what should never be repeated again.
The visit usually takes some hour and a half.
Click here for the details and the admission fee.

After all, we may even drive up to the edge of Triglav National Park.
The village of Drežnica, located on a beautiful point below Mt Krn, is a paragliding hotspot of Europe. The lonely farms, scattered around the mountain slopes are silently completing this Alpine idyllic.

The next destination is Kolovrat Hill, on the right side of the Soča River.
It boasts a network of trenches, caverns, commander posts, machine-gun positions and observation points from WWI.
Kept and maintained as an open-air museum, offers a detailed view of the happenings in that time with plenty of informative boards.
It is one of the spots on the 'Walk of Peace' hiking trail.
This memorial trail from the Alps to the Mediterranean is a tribute to the Soča River frontline, one of the toughest battle lines in war history.

The town of Kanal is an underrated jewel of the Soča Valley.
It extends on both riverbanks above the Soča River.
The bridge, connecting both parts, hosts an international jump contest every August.
The loud, merry audience and party until the morning are making this festival one of the most known Slovenian public events.
Kanal is a starting point for the villages on both sides. In the past, it was an important trading hub and market between the mountains and the coast.
From the spring to the autumn the locals prepare a wonderful town exhibition.
Before going on with our journey, we'll stroll the passages town's alleyways and be amused by various artistic creations on the windows of the houses.

For more curious ones there is also a multi-day option of exploring the Soča Valley.

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    Kobarid is the most known about the world-known WWI museum.
    Nearby Napoleon Bridge and Kozjak waterfall are completing the contextual diversity of this destination.
    It is the main town of the middle section of Soča Valley.

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    Breginjski Kot

    One of the westernmost corners of Slovenia.
    Organic farming and traditional life are defining the essence of this remote, hidden part of Soča Valley.

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    Kolovrat Hill

    Kolovrat Hill is an amazing panoramic spot above the Soča Valley.
    The remains from WWI are making it meaningful also from a historical point of view.

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    Kanal is the main town of the Soča Valley lower section.
    The town emerged in the 12th century as an important hub and a trade market between the Alps and Mediterranean.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



Sanel / Tripadvisor, November 2015

We had a lovely time with Jernej. He is very knowledgeable about the country and all the places we visited during the duration of the tour.
When we were there it was rainy but we still had a great time.
Jernej goes out of his way to ensure that you enjoy the tour and tells you about all the local places and has good suggestions of places to see to experience Slovenia as a local.
Do not wonder about booking any of these tours when visiting Slovenia, book it immediately as it is more than worthy of it.

Adrian / Tripadvisor, November 2018

I had an amazing trip with Jernej.
He is a very knowledgeable guide with vast experience.
He takes you to both well known as well as to some 'off the beaten paths' places.
He makes the tour very interesting and keeps the guests engaged in every activity throughout the tour.
Great tour, great company.
I definitely recommend it.

Susan / Tripadvisor, October 2019

Many, many thanks to Jernej for the fantastic tour.
We arranged for a private tour, and we hoped to see my grandparents' hometown.
Not only did Jernej find the hometowns, but he also found their baptismal records, my grandpa's twin brother's grave, and even some of the lost cousins that I've heard about but never met.
We not only met them, but also had dinner with them, and their families.
Again, thank you Jernej.
You went over and above our expectations.