Swim the 3 rivers of Soča Valley

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Take your swimming costumes, few more T-shirts, flip flops, some sport shoes, and let's enjoy the healing purity of the three rivers, sourcing from the depths in the majestic embrace of the Slovenian mountains.
Soča River is the emerald queen of Slovenia, which sources in the heart of the Triglav National Park and touching the Adriatic Sea just across the border, in Italy.
Nadiža has numerous nature spots to take a swim. It is one of the most unspoiled Alpine rivers.
Idrijca is one of the most popular rivers among fishermen. Its tributary Jezernica River, Sourcing from the Wild Lake abyss, is the shortest Slovenian rivers with its 55 meters (about 180 feet).

Loopy tip:
Get ready for an active day.

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Program (10 hours)

A drive along the Soča River and its tributaries is a relaxing exploration of the natural wonders at the contact between Alpine and Mediterranean worlds.
Amazingly carved stone formations, canyons, pool beds, pebbled beaches determine the vibe of the day.

Through the town of Idrija we reach the Idrijca Valley, which joins the Soča Valley from the left some 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) southwest.
After admiring the astonishing natural environment, we will try the freshwater on one of the nature-created beaches along the Idrijca River.
Also possible to do some walk to the green surroundings.

We go with the flow and soon reach the Soča River in the Most na Soči town.
The homonymous artificial lake is appreciated by families and easy-going visitors.
It offers a wide variety of water sports, as well as the advertisement for the kids.
You can go around even with a kayak or electric boat.

A bit norther we will get in touch with the Alpine muse, the Nadiža River.
The torrential character carved out plenty of intriguing rock formations down the flow.
Reportedly healing river is home to plenty of indigenous freshwater fishes, such as trouts, graylings, rainbow trouts.
The magical surroundings, enriched with the willow trees, create perfect conditions to breathe with the place and try to feel the water flow in one of the natural pools, river beds or gravel beaches.
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    main Soča River

    About 140 kilometers (about 86 miles) long river is sourcing in the heart of the Triglav National Park.
    It flows mostly through Slovenia, before reaching the Adriatic Sea in Italy.
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    remote Idrijca River

    Sourcing near the town of Idrija, it enters the Soča Valley some 60 kilometers northwest in the town of Most na Soči, a popular holiday destination for families.
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    warmest Nadiža River

    According to the local beliefs, this clean and warm Alpine river has even healing effects.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



Adrian / Tripadvisor, November 2018

I had an amazing trip with Jernej.
He is a very knowledgeable guide with vast experience.
He takes you to both well known as well as to some 'off the beaten paths' places.
He makes the tour very interesting and keeps the guests engaged in every activity throughout the tour.
Great tour, great company.
I definitely recommend him.

Kayla / Tripadvisor, December 2018

We only had a couple of days in Ljubljana as part of our honeymoon from Australia.
We chose to go on the Loopy tour so that we could see more of the wider Slovenia.
We both highly recommend Loopy Slovenia and Jernej.
The tour was fantastic and surpassed our expectations.
We saw so much over the course of the day and JErnej tailored the tour specifically to us, weather and best times to visit.
We were the only ones on the tour so it was perfect.
We had a lovely homemade lunch in a small town, behind a door that looked like someone's home, and homemade brandy at another stop - we would have never found these otherwise or met all the wonderful local along the way that we did.
This tour was a truly unique experience and we had a fantastic time.
If you are looking to see more of Slovenia, please contact Loopy.

Remina and Lucy / 'This is Soča Valley' on Viator, January 2020

We had a fantastic time with Jernej.
Although we were only in Slovenia for a few days this is the perfect tour to see some of the spectacular hidden gems of the country.
With his in-depth knowledge and super friendly nature, Jernej was a brilliant tour guide.
We had the chance to visit some incredibly scenic locations and escape the busy crowd by going off the beaten tracks.
He provided us with a personalized tour and took into consideration what we liked to see and he catered it for us.
We had a great time on the tour and 100% recommend it as a must-go excursion.