Faq Section

Bookings & Payments

We suggest to purchase the ticket directly through our on - line booking system.

Up to 7 days prior to departure the refund is 100% for all services.

Up to 3 days prior to departure the refund is 50%.

Cancellations received less than three days prior to departure will be charged full price.

In case of medical problems or death the refund is 100% regardless of the refund policy. For this refund you just prove the case with generally requested documents (scanned medical or other documents). The refund is made within 8 working days after cancellation is proved.

To request a refund please send us a mail to info@loopyslovenia.com

Yes. We consider a group is at least 6 persons travelling together. In this case send us an enquiry to info@loopyslovenia.com.

Yes. In this case please advise us to info@loopyslovenia.com and let us know the passenger who will travel with your ticket.

Try looking in your email's 'Trash' or 'Junk' folder. Sometimes confirmation emails can get misplaced by your email server and do not reach your inbox!

If more than 2 hours have passed, or if you booked a tour at short notice, either call or mail us directly and we will get back to you immediately.

Day tours

Sure, on every tour there are longer stops. There are also photostops, coffe breaks, toilet stops on the way.

The longest distance without stopping is cca. 50 km (cca. 30 miles).

Our professional drivers are oficially licensed tour guides. They:

  • Speak fluent english language + some other world languages.
  • Provide all necessary info related to the tour.
  • Provide all necessary help and recommend other services either booked through LOOPY SLOVENIA or other tourist providers.
  • Provide info on the area you are visiting.
  • Will also be able to answer any questions you have at the stops.