Robyn and Rod's Delight

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Inspired by Robyn and Rod from Australia.

A journey with personal touch offers us enough room for improvisation and free will.
Some places in the itinerary are decided on the base of experience. Some are left to the moment. Some are still a surprise.

Loopy tip;
Feel the Slovenian identity, passionately embroidered to the travel experience.

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Program (5 days)

Day One

Start of our journey at the agreed location.
In Kostanjevica na Krki we stroll the tiny town on an artificial island in the middle of Krka River. The biggest gallery in Slovenia is located nearby, close to the Cisterian Monastery.
A bit hungry we agree to meet Loopy friends and taste local delicacies.
Our way to Ljubljana will be enriched with a few more panoramic stops.

Ljubljana, the charming capital of Slovenia, is full of interesting food places. We try the offer in one of them.

- overnight in Ljubljana.

Day Two

After the morning exploration of vivid capital, we head up to the mountains.
Bled is magic at the gateway to the Alps.
It seems to be taken from a fairy tale, with the castle perched upon the rock above the lake and the island in the middle of that mesmerizing blue water.
Nearby Vintgar Gorge is another place on our list.

We end our day enjoying the views from Mt Vogel, a ski resort above Bohinj Lake, the biggest regular lake of Slovenia.
We also have periodic ones. For those ones see Inner Carniola Journey.

- overnight in the Bled area.

Day Three

Steep and serpentined road takes us to Trenta Valley over panoramic Vrsic Mountain Pass.
We stop for photos many times because the road is simply breathtaking.

Kobarid Museum is our next stop. With the visit to this place, we pay tribute to the ones who sacrificed their health and lives in World War I for a better world today.

This impressive day ends at a real estate of another Loopy friend, this time in the Brda wine region.
Top-quality food and drink.

- overnight in the Brda area.

Day Four

In the morning we refresh our minds with a relaxing walk around Smartno village, a cultural monument with medieval walls.
The drive through Vipava Valley and Karst Plateau unveils the view to another distinctive geographical region of Slovenia.
Skocjan Caves are the natural wonder that impresses with its size. Unexpected volume and the power of the water beneath the surface simply shock.
It takes just a few minutes to drive to Lipica, the birthplace of legendary Lipizzaner horses.
We have a guided tour there.
If our schedule fits the one of the stud farm, we include our visit also the training or the show.

From Lipica is not far to Piran, our last destination of the day.

- overnight on the Slovenian coast.

Day Five

In the Mediterranean part of Slovenia, we explore the three coastal towns with surroundings.
The flow in this region is slower than in the rest of the country.

It means we easily go through Izola and Koper, then to Marezige where we taste the wine and olive oil at the fountain, drive the hilltop villages of Savrini Hills and have a look to the everyday life of the locals with some surprise interaction.

We end up again in Piran where we pamper ourselves with a proper dinner.

Overnights are not arranged by Loopy Slovenia.
You can extend your stay in the destinations to have a day or more at leisure with no additional costs.
For information and suggestion please send an email.

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    Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and one of the smallest capitals in Europe. Being one of the European Green Capitals it strives for good life. Small, but progressive place with progressive urban living solutions.
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    Kostanjevica na Krki

    Kostanjevica na Krki is a cute little town on an artificial island in the middle of Krka river. It boasts the biggest gallery in Slovenia.
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    Bled, with its castle, lake and the island in the middle of it, is a remarkable Alpine resort. The Bled golf course is among the fifty best golf courses of Europe.
  • 4


    Bohinj is the entrance to Triglav National Park. From the lake you can start your journey to the mountains. Agatha Christie once said that this place is too wonderful even for a murder.
  • 5

    Vrsic Mountain Pass

    Vrsic Mountain Pass is the highest regional road in Slovenia. It means some twenty five serpentines up and the same down. Easy driving this means astonishing views and photo stops.
  • 6


    Kobarid boasts the World War I museum. Museum is a memorial to all those who sacrified their lives for better now.
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    Brda Wine Region

    Brda Wine Region is the enfant terrible of a new Slovenian wine story. Vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards are a signature of this region.
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    Skocjan Caves

    Skocjan Caves are the UNESCO site of World Heritage. Breathless you stay inside when overwhelmed by its size and sounds of the world beneath the ground.
  • 9

    Lipica Studfarm

    Lipica is the birthplace of world famous Lipizzaner horses. In the sixteen century they started to cross bread six different breeds with robust local Karst horse, all the rest is history.
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    Marezige are the homeland of Refosk wine, a distinctive Slovenian authentic variety. The wine fountain with the first one this type in Slovenia and offers a brilliant view to the coastal relief.
  • 11


    Koper is the main town of Littoral Slovenia. The Port of Koper is an important port of Nort Adriatic. The cars from this port get distributed all around Europe.
  • 12


    Izola is a former island. Around the island there were salt fields and in nearby Bay of Simon even the thermal water spring. A town with pure Mediterranean spirit.
  • 13


    Piran is the jewel of the Adriatic coast. Once a Venetian salt trade hub is now a pleasant, easy going spirited destination where you can just breath the salty air and enjoy the shade walking the labyrinth of medieval alleyways.

What is included in this tour?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotels
  • Delicacies tasting in Kostanjevica na Krki
  • Dinner in Ljubljana
  • Entrance to Bled Castle
  • Entrance to Vintgar Gorge
  • Cable car ride to Mt Vogel
  • Entrance to Kobarid Museum
  • Dinner in Brda Wine Region
  • Entrance to Skocjan Caves
  • Entrance to Lipica Studfarm
  • Wine and olive oil tasting in Marezige
  • Dinner in Piran
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



Robyn and Rod, Australia

By email exchange from Australia with Jernej, who was to be our guide and driver, we put together a private multi day custom tour of eastern Slovenia.
Collecting us, two people, from our hotel in Zagreb we were driven to Kostanjevica na Krki and Ljubljana. Then to Lake Bled via Vintgar Gorge.
Our tour took to Vrsic Mountain Pass, Soca River Valley, Brda wine region where we stayed in Smartno, Predjama Castle, Skocjan Caves, Lipica Studfarm, Piran and finally transferring to Rovinj, Croatia, via Istrian hills towns.
In all our travels Jernej selected toutes that showcased the wonderful landscapes and small villages in Slovenia.
Most of the roads were through the rural farming areas with little road traffic. This enhanced our experience and appreciation of Slovenia.

Jernej, with many connections gave us some wonderful insights into everyday life in Slovenia that a tourist is rarely afforded.
His extensive knowledge and experience stimulated many interesting discussions. In addition we were treated to an impromptu lunch and wine tastin in the wonderful winery in Kostanjevica na Krki, another lunch and farm tour with friend Viljem and his family, and even a brief visit to his mother's 80th birthday party.
And we can't help but mention our off road forest experience. This was a real bonus.

The multiday tour arrangements went seamlessly. Both the transport and accomodation were excellent.
The tour was very well organized and efficient.
Jernej's personal approach was very engaging and stimulating throughout our tour exhibiting his extensive knowledge and experience of Slovenia and his great sense of humor.

For us this delivered a wonderful and memorable experience of Slovenia.

We would highly recommend this company led by the remarkable manager Jernej Zakelj.