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This is a great four days journey for those who want to see the most of West Slovenia.
The pace is pleasant and easy going with so many different panoramas to experience along the way.
You will visit a giant Postojna cave and take a photo of a wonderful Predjama castle, have a view to Venetian architecture at the coast, be able to taste local wines and olive oil in Brda and see Alpine mountains, crystal clear Bled Lake and the island in the middle of it.


Loopy tip:
In this way your experience of Western Slovenia is complete.

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Program (4 days)


Postojna is home of the first and the most visited show cave in the world.
Entrance to Postojna Cave is INCLUDED in the price.
Just a short drive along a beautiful forest road is all we need to find the most unique castle you will ever see.
The rest of the day we explore Postojna area with a possible jump to Cerknica Lake and Sneznik Castle (see Loopy daytrip Inner Carniola Journey).
Entrances to Cerknica Lake and Sneznik Castle museum are NOT INCLUDED in the price.
We could have a look also to Rakov Skocjan natural bridges, Babno Polje village where the lowest temperature in Slovenia was measured and climb up to Bloke plateau.

*Suggested overnight in the area of Postojna / Cerknica

We will  have stops in the three coastal towns of Slovenia - Piran, Izola and Koper.
Sure we will also be able to drive to the surroundings of the towns, around Savrini Hills to the villages like Hrastovlje, with the church and the famous Danza Maccabra fresco from 15th century, on of the oldest examples of this art in the country.
We will find out why this region, once under Venetian rule, is so different from the rest of Slovenia either from architectural or natural or cultural point of view.
If the rest of Slovenia was more under Germanic influence from this aspect, this area was under strong Venetian influence.
With distinguished architecture styles the two empires, Holy Roman Empire and Venetian Republic, simbolically defined their power on the cities.
Btw, it's also Loopy's home area... ;)

*Suggested overnight in the area of Piran / Izola / Koper

In Brda wine region we will enjoy a real Mediterranean athmosphere, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards.
Brda are recently known as one of the European top wine regions.
Every year some of the wines from this region ends up among the 100 top world wines declared by the magazines like Wine & Spirits or Decanter.
You can even choose a fine lunch with an excellent selection of wines beside.
Loopy knows these kind of places, no worries.
Food and wine are NOT INCLUDED in the price.

*Suggested overnight in the area of Brda / Nova Gorica / Kanal / Vipava Valley

After a panoramic drive we reach the Alps and Bled castle, one of top sights of Slovenia, with the magnificent view over the Bled lake and the island in the middle.
Bled area offers many sites to visit, and we can do all of them cos we have time.
We can go to see different sites this day and extend our journey also to Bohinj area, the place with another lake, some 25km / 15mi from Bled.
There we can simply relax around the lake or go up to Mt Vogel with the funicular and enjoy the view to surrounding Alps from high altitude.
Funicular ride NOT INCLUDED in the price.


*overnight NOT arranged by Loopy Slovenia; for any questions and suggestions send me an email on info@loopyslovenia.com

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    Town on Slovenia's highest altitude made its fame due to the most visited cave in the world.

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    Impregnable medieval stronghold was built into the side of a cliff, with secret cave passages behind it.

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    The region is full of vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards. The products of the area are of excellent quality.

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    Reportedly one of Slovenia's most beautiful places to visit. A pearl at the gateway to the Alps.

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    SLOVENIAN COAST / Koper, Izola, Piran, Portoroz and surroundings

    Koper is the capital of the region, main port of the country, a vibrant combination of modern and historic.
    Izola is an old fishing town. It’s a calm place with lots of good restaurants and a coastal promenade.
    Piran is an example of medieval Venetian architecture, full of architectural highlights and narrow streets. It is among the most preserved towns on the whole Adriatic coastline.
    From the courtyard in front of the church you can see three neighbouring countries: Slovenia, Italy and Croatia; with the Austrian Alps in the background even four!
    Portoroz is a sight to visit with splendid riviera with cafes, restaurants, hotels, casinos and the open air thermal spa at the nearby Secovlje saltpans.

What is included in this tour?

  • Bled Castle entrance ticket
  • Postojna cave entrance ticket
  • Professional tour guiding
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Bottled water on the way



C. Grieken / Tripadvisor, October 2016
My husband and I were visiting Slovenia for our honeymoon.
We were so excited to see Slovenia but found it difficult to find a tour that would take us to the less discovered areas of Slovenia and give us a more authentic view of the country without having to pay through the nose for a private tour. Loopy Slovenia was the answer!
We did both the East Loop and the West Loop tours with Jernej. Right after booking the tours we communicated with Jernej about what we were looking to see and experience on our trip. He really went out of his way to ensure that we had a memorable experience focused on our passions.
The East Loop was our favorite. We saw a local's side of Slovenia. The countryside and the people out there were wonderful! We enjoyed great wine, history, and scenery. We did the excursion in Rogatec. After visiting the outdoor museum, we had to opportunity to sit down with the woman who ran the museum and really speak with her about past and modern life in Slovenia. It was very interesting to speak with a local about her culture and a memory we will always treasure.
The West Loop is a bit more touristic but extremely beautiful! Jernej took us along a mountain pass that is off the beaten track and it took our breath away. We then stopped by a little cafe where a local woman treated us to some local brandy and spoke with us about what it means to be Slovenian. The highlight though was our meal in Smartno, Brda. We paid for the extra excursion and were not disappointed. Everything about our experience with Loopy Slovenia was a true pleasure.
We can't thank them enough for making our honeymoon so wonderful and memorable!
Michael and Linda / Tripadvisor, July 2016

We did the Western Loop with Jernej.
We chose the MultiDay option as we wanted to hop off the tour and stay over night in Smartno, Brda to visit with relatives. We rejoined the tour the next day and continued on.
This was a great option for us as travelling by public transport would have been difficult and time consuming. The places we visited were great and Jernej was very knowledgeable.
Don't go crazy travelling around Slovenia. Go Loopy!

thoxa / Tripadvisor, October 2016
My husband and I joined the West Loop in June.
There was no other guest that day, so we enjoyed a wonderful private tour. We were taken to both popular and less travelled places, tasted delicious local produce and wine, and was shown how to fully enjoy a vacation despite unfavourable weather.
Slovenia is splendid, and well deserves more than just a day or two.
Our guide Jernej is friendly, knowledgeable and humourous. He was eager to make our entire trip in Slovenia, not just the West Loop we paid for, memorable. He even offered to take care of our luggage and give us a brief tour for free in Koper a few days after the West Loop trip. We didn't take the offer due to change of plans, but we eventually met twice for drinks and pizza in Ljubljana!
We heartily recommend Loopy Slovenia to anyone who would love to see the true colours of Slovenia.
RMG2306 / Tripadvisor, July 2019

By email exchange from Australia with Jernej, who was to be our guide and driver, we put together a private multi day custom tour of eastern Slovenia.
Collecting us (2 people) from our hotel in Zagreb we were driven to Ljubljana , then to Lake Bled via Vintgar Gorge. Our tour took in the Vrsic mountain pass, Soca River, Brda wine region ( staying in Smarto), Kobarid War Museum, Predjama Castle, Skocjan Caves Lipica Stud Farm ( staying in Piran) and finally transferring to Rovinj via Istrian hill towns.
In all our travels, Jernej selected routes that showcased the wonderful landscapes and small villages in Slovenia. Most of the roads were through the rural farming areas with little road traffic. This enhanced our experience and appreciation of Slovenia.
Jernej, with his many connections gave us some wonderful insights into everday life in Slovenia that a tourist is rarely afforded.His extensive knowledge and experience stimulated many interesting discussions. In addition we were treated to an improptu lunch and wine tasting in the wonderful Jelenic Winery, another lunch and farm tour with one of his cousins (Viljem) and his family, and even a brief visit to his mother's 80th birthday party. And we can't help but mention our off road forest experience. This was a real bonus!
The multi day tour arrangements went seamlessly .Both the transport and accommodation were excellent.The tour was very well organized and efficient.
Jernej's personal approach was very engaging and stimulating throughout our tour exhibiting his extensive knowledge and experience of Slovenia and his great sense of humor.
For us this delivered a wonderful and memorable experience of Slovenia.
We would highly recommend this company led by the remarkable manager Jernej Zakelj.

Susan T / Tripadvisor, October 2019

Many, many thanks to Jernej for the fantastic tour yesterday.
We arranged for a private tour, and we hoped to see my grandparents’ hometowns.
No only did Jernej find the hometowns, he found their baptismal records, my grandpa’s twin brother’s grave, and even some long lost cousins that I’ve heard about but never met! We not only met them, but had dinner with them, and their families!
Again, thank you, Jernej! Your went over and above our expectations.